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 Pappa - Louisi Adriani, Professor
Laboratory: Physical Chemistry
PHONE:+30 +2310-997765
Research Areas

Research Areas


  • Study of the structure of electrified interfaces.
  • Interfacial phenomena of adsorption, micellization and phase transitions at charged interfaces (polarized Hg electrode).


  • Modeling the combined effect of different experimental parameters on the isocratic and gradient elution in reversed-phase HPLC.
  • Development of theory of multimode gradient elution in liquid chromatography and solution of the derived fundamental equations.
  • Development of algorithms for a computer-aided separation optimization.
  • Use of genetic algorithms for modeling in HPLC.  
  • Insights of the retention mechanism of solutes in chromatographic columns
  • On line use of UV, fluorescence and electrochemical detection
 Selected Publications
1. Pappa-Louisi A, Agrafiotou P, Papachristos K 
"Retention modeling under organic modifier gradient conditions in ion-pair reversed-phase chromatography. Application to the separation of a set of underivatized amino acids ", ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY , 397, 2151-2159 , (2010)
2. Pappa-Louisi A, Nikitas P, Papachristos K, Balkatzopoulou, P 
"Multimode Gradient Elution in Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography: Application to Retention Prediction and Separation Optimization of a Set of Amino Acids in Gradient Runs Involving Simultaneous Variations of Mobile-Phase Composition, Flow Rate, and Temperature ", ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 81, 1217-1223 , (2009)
3. Pappa-Louisi A, Nikitas P, Papachristos K, Zisi, C 
"Modeling the combined effect of temperature and organic modifier content on reversed-phase chromatographic retention - Effectiveness of derived models in isocratic and isothermal mode retention prediction ", JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1201, 27-34 , (2008)
4. Pappa-Louisi A, Nikitas P, Zisi C, Papachristos, K 
"Combined effect of temperature and organic modifier concentration on the retention under single mode gradient conditions in reversed-phase HPLC ", JOURNAL OF SEPARATION SCIENCE, 31, 2953-2961 , (2008)
5. Pappa-Louisi A, Nikitas P, Papageorgiou A 
"Optimisation of multilinear gradient elutions in reversed-phase liquid chromatography using ternary solvent mixtures ", JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1166, 126-134 , (2007)
6. Pappa-Louisi A, Nikitas P, Agrafiotou P, Papageorgiou, A 
"Optimization of separation and detection of 6-aminoquinolyl derivatives of amino acids by using reversed-phase liquid chromatography with on line UV, fluorescence and electrochemical detection ", ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA , 593, 92-97 , (2007)
7. Pappa-Louisi A, Nikitas P, Balkatzopoulou P, Louizis, G 
"Fundamental equation of dual-mode gradient elution in liquid chromatography involving simultaneous changes in flow rate and mobile-phase composition ", ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY , 79, 3888-3893 , (2007)
8. Pappa-Louisi A, Nikitas P, Agrafiotou P 
"Column equilibration effects in gradient elution in reversed-phase liquid chromatography ", JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1127, 97-107 , (2006)
 Research Projects
1. “Fabrication and use of microelectrodes in electroanalysis and the study of electrode processes.”
Greek GSRT
2. Joint Research and Technology Programmes between Greece and Poland – “Computer assisted optimization of gradient elution and separation techniques of biologically important compounds in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for medical diagnosis applications and medical research”
Greek GSRT
3. “Optimization of the electrochemical detection and separation of amino acids using liquid chromatography HPLC.”
Hrakleitos I (EPEAK, RC, Auth)
4. “Modeling the effect of mobile phase pH on the retention in reversed-phase HPLC. Application to amino acid separations.”
Hrakleitos II (EPEAK, RC, Auth)
 Co-operation with other institutions
1. Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Warsaw (POLAND)
2. Department of Pharmaceutical and Food Control, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (IRAN)
1. “Physical Chemistry Experiments ”
A. Pappa-Louisi, P. Nikitas, Pages:100 (1993)
2. “Electroanalysis Experiments”
A. Pappa-Louisi, A. Voulgaropoulos, Pages:150 (2000)
3. “Physical Chemisry for Geologist”
A. Pappa-Louisi, Pages:200 (1998)
  School of Chemistry
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki