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 Pantazaki Anastasia, Assoc. Professor
Laboratory: Biohemistry
PHONE:+30 2310997838
Research Areas
  • Purification and study of nucleolytic and other enzymes from various tissues and bacteria.
  • Study of the biological activity of various newly synthesized inorganic complexes and nanoparticles and their interactions with nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), drugs (mainly anticancer drugs) eg antimicrobial activity, cytotoxicity, interaction with DNA for possible damage, study of oxidative stress etc. for the purpose of eventual use.
  • Study of Enzymes and DNA Biosensors.
  • Production of biodegradable polymers such as polyhydroxyalkanoic acids or other secondary metabolites produced in bacteria.
  • Study of biological study and approaching possible mechanisms of action of various types of nanoparticles for medicinal or agroculture applications
  • Study of the biological activity of airborne particles such as cytotoxicity, DNA damage, approaching possible mechanisms of action.
  • Discoloration of environmental pollutants eg. Melanidin, colorants.
  • Study of mechanisms of oxidative stress and other inflammatory factors contributing to Alzheimer's disease.
 Selected Publications
1. Tsolaki M.N., Koutsouraki E., Katsipis G.K., Myserlis P.Gr., Chatzithoma M.A. and Pantazaki A.A. 
" Alternative Anti-Infective/Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutic Options for Fighting Alzheimers Disease. ", Bentham eBooks series “Frontiers in Anti-Infective Drug Discovery”, Bentham Science Publishers. Review., 6 (ch, 3-161, (2017)
2. Tsitouroudi F., Karatza A., Karoulias S., Pantazaki A., Andriotis E.G. and Choli-Papadopoulou T. 
"“In cell” biotinylation and immobilization of BMP2 (Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2) on polymeric surfaces. ", Biochemical Engineering Journal, 123, 1-12, (2017)
3. Giannousi K., Pantazaki A. and Dendrinou-Samara C.  
"Copper based nanoparticles as Antimicrobials. ", Multi Volume SET (I-V) Therapeutic Nanostructures in Medicine, Editor: A.M. Grumezescu (published by Elsevier) Subject: Nanostructures for Antimicrobial Therapy, ch. 2, 515-529, (2017)
4. Andreadou E., Pantazaki A.*, Daniilidou M., Tsolaki M.  
"Rhamnolipids (RLs) - microbial virulence factors - in Alzheimer's disease.", J Alzheimers Dis , 59, 209–222, (2017)
5. E. Andreadou, A. Moschopoulou, O. Simou, T. Lialiaris, A. Pantazaki  
"T. thermophilus Rhamnolipids Induce Cytogenetic Damage on Human Lymphocytes and Bind DNA in vitro.", British Biotechnology Journal , 10(3), 1-12, (2016)
6. R. P. Georgiou, E. P. Tsiakiri, N. K. Lazaridis, A.A. Pantazaki  
" Decolorization of melanoidins from simulated and industrial molasses effluents by immobilized laccase", Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 4, 1322–1331, (2016)
7. Velali E. , Papachristou E., Pantazaki A., Choli-Papadopoulou T., Argyrou N., Tsourouktsoglou T., Lialiaris S., Constantinidis A., Lykidis D. , Lialiaris T. S., Besis A., Voutsa D. , Samara C. 
"Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity induced in vitro by solvent-extractable organic matter of size-segregated urban particulate matter.", Environmental Pollution , 218, 1350-1362, (2016)
8. Giannousi K, Hatzivassiliou E, Mourdikoudis S, Vourlias G, Pantazaki A, Dendrinou-Samara C 
"Synthesis and biological evaluation of PEGylated CuO nanoparticles.", J Inorg Biochem. , 164, 82-90, (2016)
9. Dendrinou-Samara, C.; Giannousi, K.; Menelaou M.; Arvanitidis, I.; Angelakeris, M.; Pantazaki, A.  
"Hetero-nanocomposites of magnetic and antifungal nanoparticles as a platform for magnetomechanical stress induction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae", J. Mater. Chem. B, 3, 5341-5351, (2015)
10. Varna, D., Hatzidimitriou, A.G., Velali, E, Pantazaki, A.A., Aslanidis, P.  
"Structural diversity in dinuclear copper(I) halide complexes of 2,4-dithiouracil: Synthesis, crystal structures, induction of DNA damage and oxidative stress mediated by ROS", Polyhedron, 88, 40–47, (2015)
11. Aslanidis P, Hatzidimitriou AG, Andreadou EG, Pantazaki AA, Voulgarakis N.  
"Silver(I) complexes of N-methylbenzothiazole-2-thione: synthesis, structures and antibacterial activity", Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl, 50, 187-193, (2015)
12. P.A. Papanikolaou, A.G. Papadopoulos, E.G. Andreadou, A.Hatzidimitriou, P.J. Cox, A.A. Pantazaki, P. Aslanidis  
"The structural and electronic impact on the photophysical and biological properties of a series of CuI and AgI complexes with triphenylphosphine and pyrimidine-type thiones. ", New J. Chem., 39, 4830-4844, (2015)
13. E. Velali, E. Papachristou, A. Pantazaki, T. Choli-Papadopoulou, S. Planou, A. Kouras, E. Manoli, A. Besis, D. Voutsa, C. Samara  
"Redox activity and in vitro bioactivity of the water-soluble fraction of urban particulate matter in relation to particle size and chemical composition. ", Environmental Pollution. , 208 , 774-786, (2015)
14. Koukourikou M., Zioziou E., Pantazaki A., Nikolaou N.& Kyriakidi D.  
"Effects of gibberellic acid and putrescine on 'Thompson seedless' grapes. ", American International Journal of Biology, 3, 19-29 , (2015)
15. Simou, O.M., Pantazaki, A.A.*  
"Evidence for lytic transglycosylase and -N-acetylglucosaminidase activities located at the polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) granules of Thermus thermophilus HB8. ", Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology , 3, 1-17, (2014)
16. Giannousi K, Lafazanis K, Arvanitidis J, Pantazaki A, Dendrinou-Samara C.  
"Hydrothermal synthesis of copper based nanoparticles: Antimicrobial screening and interaction with DNA", J Inorg Biochem, 133C, 24-32, (2014)
17. Evangelinou O., Hatzidimitriou A.G., Velali A., Pantazaki A.A., Voulgarakis N., Aslanidis P 
"Mixed-ligand copper(I) halide complexes bearing 4,5-bis(diphenylphosphano)-9,9-dimethyl-xanthene and N-methylbenzothiazole-2-thione: Synthesis, structures, luminescence and antibacterial activity mediated by DNA and membrane damage", Polyhedron , 72, 122–129, (2014)
18. Papazoglou, I., Papadopoulos, A.G., Skoulika, S., Lafazanis, Kd, Geromichalos, G.D., Pantazaki, A.A., Aslanidis, P.  
"Metal-assisted desulfurization of 2-thioorotic acid: Structure, theoretical (DFT) investigations, in vitro antibacterial and cytotoxic activity and DNA degradation ability of a copper(II) complex containing in situ formed bis(4-carboxylato-6-oxo-pyrimidine-2-yl)sulfide. ", Polyhedron , 78, 18-23, (2014)
19. Protogeraki C, Andreadou EG, Perdih F, Turel I, Pantazaki AA, Psomas G.  
"Cobalt(II) complexes with the antimicrobial drug enrofloxacin: Structure, antimicrobial activity, DNA- and albumin-binding. ", Eur J Med Chem, 86, 189-201, (2014)
20. Giannousi K, Sarafidis G, Mourdikoudis S, Pantazaki A, Dendrinou-Samara C.  
"Selective Synthesis of Cu2O and Cu/Cu2O NPs: Antifungal Activity to Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and DNA Interaction", Inorg Chem, 53, 9657-9666, (2014)
21. 5. Tsiaggali, M.A., Andreadou, E.G., Hatzidimitriou, A.G., Pantazaki, A.A., Aslanidis, P. 
"Copper(I) halide complexes of N-methylbenzothiazole-2-thione: Synthesis, structure, luminescence, antibacterial activity and interaction with DNA. ", J. Inorg. Biochem. , 121, 121-128, (2013)
22. 4. Zampakou, M., Akrivou, M., Andreadou, E.G., Raptopoulou, C.P., Psycharis, V., Pantazaki, A.A., Psomas, G. 
"Structure, antimicrobial activity, DNA- and albumin-binding of manganese(II) complexes with the quinolone antimicrobial agents oxolinic acid and enrofloxacin. ", J. Inorg. Biochem., 121, 88-99, (2013)
23. 3. Tarushi, A., Lafazanis, K., Kljun, J., Turel, I., Pantazaki, A.A., Psomas, G., Kessissoglou, D.P. 
"First- and second-generation quinolone antibacterial drugs interacting with zinc(II): Structure and biological perspectives.", J. Inorg. Biochem., 121, 53-65, (2013)
24. Tarushi, A., Kljun, J., Turel, I., Pantazaki, A.A., Psomas, G., Kessissoglou, D.P.  
"Zinc(ii) complexes with the quinolone antibacterial drug flumequine: Structure, DNA- and albumin-binding. ", New Journal of Chemistry, 37, 342-355, (2013)
25. Giagkas D.C., Choli-Papadopoulou T. and Pantazaki A.A.  
"Development of an Antibody for Detection of Rhamnolipids Characterized as a Major Bacterial Virulence Factor.", Antibodies, 2, 501-516, (2013)
26. Papaneophytou C. P., Papi R.M., Pantazaki A.A., and Kyriakidis D.A.* 
"Flagellin gene (fliC) of Thermus thermophilus HB8: Characterization of its product and involvement to flagella assembly and microbial motility", Appl. Microbiol. Biotechn. , 94,  1265-1277, (2012)
27. Pantazaki A. A.*, Choli-Papadopoulou T.  
"On the Thermus thermophilus HB8 potential pathogenicity triggered from rhamnolipids secretion. Morphological alterations and cytotoxicity induced on fibroblastic cell line.", Amino Acids , 42, 1913-1926, (2012)
28. Papaneophytou C.P., Velali E.E., Pantazaki A.A.*  
"Purification and characterization of an extracellular medium-chain length polyhydroxyalkanoate depolymerase from Thermus thermophilus HB8.", Polymer Degradation and Stability, 96 , 670-678, (2011)
29. Pantazaki A.A.*, Papaneophytou C.P., Lambropoulou D.A.  
"Simultaneous polyhydroxyalkanoates and rhamnolipids production by Thermus thermophilus HB8 ", AMB Express , 1, 17, (2011)
30. Papaneophytou C. P., Pantazaki A.A.*  
"A novel affinity chromatographic material for the purification of extracellular polyhydroxybutyrate depolymerases. ", Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 19 , 876-886 , (2011)
31. Mpountoukas P., Pantazaki A.A.*, Kostareli E., Christodoulou P., Kareli D., Pouliliou S., Mourelatos C., Lialiaris T.S. 
" Cytogenetic evaluation and DNA interaction studies of the food colorants amaranth, erythrosine and tartrazine. ", Food and Chemical Toxicology, 48, 2934-2944, (2010)
32. Guerrouache M., Pantazaki A., Millot M.-C., and Carbonnier B. 
" Zwitterionic polymeric monoliths for HILIC/RP mixed mode for CEC separation applications. ", J of Separation Science , 33(6-, 787-92, (2010)
33. Afrati T., A.A. Pantazaki, Dendrinou-Samara C., Catherine Raptopoulou, A.Terzis, Kessissoglou D.P. 
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34. Pantazaki A. A.*, Dimopoulou M. I., Simou O.M., Pritsa A. A. 
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39. Chaviara AT, Kioseoglou EE, Pantazaki AA,Tsipis AC, Karipidis PA, Kyriakidis DA., Bolos CA.  
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40. Katsoulakou, E., Tiliakos, M., Papaefstathiou, G., Terzis, A., Raptopoulou, C., Geromichalos, G., Papazisis, K., Papi, R., Pantazaki, A.A., Kyriakidis, D., Cordopatis, P., Manessi-Zoupa, E. 
" Diorganotin(IV) complexes of dipeptides containing the -aminoisobutyryl residue (Aib): Preparation, structural characterization, antibacterial and antiproliferative activities of [(n-Bu)2Sn(H-1L)] (LH = H-Aib-L-Leu-OH, H-Aib-L-Ala-OH)",  J Inorg Biochem. , 102, 1397-1405, (2008)
41. A. Dimitrakopoulou, C. Dendrinou-Samara,A.A. Pantazaki, C. Raptopoulou, A.Terzis, E. Samaras, and D.P. Kessissoglou  
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43. Ioannou A.K.,Pantazaki A.A., Girousi S.Th., Voulgaropoulos A.N., Millot M.C. and Vidal-Madjar C.  
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 Research Projects
1. Bilateral Research Projects France-Greece (2003-2005): Microarrays of polymers for DNA or Enzymes immobilization. Application in biosensors and DNA chips.Scient.Respon. A.A. Pantazaki
inister of Development, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Common projects of Research and Technology (France-Greece)
2. "Integrated treatment of high molasses wastewater for recovery of high added value products and reduction of pollutant loading" ‘SYNERGASIA II’, Project (MOL-TREAT)co-Financed by the European Union and the Greek State Program EPAN-II (OPC-II)/ESPA (NSRF) Responsible: Pr. N. Lazaridis 2013-2015
2,5 years
3. Contribution of the two-component signal transduction system AtoS-AtoC-C/z in bacterial mechanisms (biosynthesis of metabolites, pathogenesis, resistance in antibiotics (Scint.Respons.: D. yriakidis)

4. Bilateral Research projects France-Greece (2006-2008) Valorization of new biopolymers produced by biotechnological manner and applied in microanalysis. Scientif. Respons. A.A. Pantazaki

5. BIOPRODUCTION:Sustainable Microbial and iocatalytic Production of Advanced Functional Materials. Scientf.Responsable: Pr.D.A. Kyriakidis. Coordinator Pr.K Kyparrisidis
4 years
6. Human Capital Mobility Network: Copper ferrocyanide fixation on silica. Preparation of supports for the decontamination of radioactive cesium. Responsables:Loosneskovic C., Vidal-Madjar Cl. 1996-1998 Patents 1. Patent record available from the European Patent Office (1999) Composite material based on hexacyanoferrates and polymer, method for making it and use. Publication date: 1999-06-23, Publication number: EP0923412 (A1). Inventors: Loos-Neskovic; Christiane (Fontenay aux Roses, FR), Vidal-Madjar; Claire (Paris, FR), Dulieu; Jacqueline (Malakoff, FR), Pantazaki; Anastasia (Thessaloniki, GR). Assignee: Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (Paris, FR) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris, FR) 2. Patent record available from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Publication date: 1999-01-21, Publication number: WO9902255 (A1). Inventors: Loos-Neskovic; Christiane (Fontenay aux Roses, FR), Vidal-Madjar; Claire (Paris, FR), Dulieu; Jacqueline (Malakoff, FR), Pantazaki; Anastasia (Thessaloniki, GR). Assignee: Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (Paris, FR) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris, FR) 3. United States Patent No 6,558,552 May 6, 2003. Composite material based on hexacyanoferrates and polymer, method for making it and use. Inventors: Loos-Neskovic; Christiane (Fontenay aux Roses, FR), Vidal-Madjar; Claire (Paris, FR), Dulieu; Jacqueline (Malakoff, FR), Pantazaki; Anastasia (Thessaloniki, GR). Assignee: Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (Paris, FR) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris, FR)

7. THALIS "Study of biological activities of ambient air particles in regard of their size, morphology and chemical composition"Scientif Respon of Biochem. A. Pantazaki Coordinator K. Samara
 Co-operation with other institutions
1. Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire de la Recherche sur les Polymères, Paris XII
2. Laboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman, Univ. Paris VI, FRANCE
3. Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique de Paris-Sud, Faculte de Pharmacie,92290 Chatenay-Malabry
4. Medical School of Democtitean University of Thrace Greece
1. 4
, Pages:67-76 (2005)
2. Copper based nanoparticles as Antimicrobials. Multi Volume SET (I-V) Therapeutic Nanostructures in Medicine
Giannousi K., Pantazaki A. and Dendrinou-Samara C. , Pages:515-529 (2016)
3. Alternative Anti-Infective/Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutic Options for Fighting Alzheimers Disease. Bentham eBooks series “Frontiers in Anti-Infective Drug Discovery”.Bentham Science Publishers.
Tsolaki M.N., Koutsouraki E., Katsipis G.K., Myserlis P.Gr., Chatzithoma M.A. and Pantazaki A.A., Pages:1-153 (2016)
  School of Chemistry
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki