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 Georgatsos John, Emeritus Professor
Laboratory: Biohemistry
PHONE:+30 2310997702
Research Areas
  • Mitochondrial nucleic acids
  • enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism (glucosidases and galactosidases)
  • protein phosphorylation
  • nucleic acid hydrolysis
  • nucleotide phosphorylation
 Selected Publications
1. Triantafillidou D., Georgatsos J. G. 
"Barley beta-galactosidase: structure, function, heterogeneity and gene origin.", J Protein Chem, 20, 551, (2001)
2. Nikolakaki E., Fissentzidis A., Giannakouros T., Georgatsos J. G. 
"Purification and characterization of a dimer form of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase from mouse liver cytosol ", Mol Cell Biochem., 197, 117, (1999)
3. Skoubas, A. and Georgatsos, J.G. 
"Identification of essential amino acids for the catalytic activity of barley β-glucosidase", Phytochemistry, 46, 997, (1997)
4. Georgatsos, J. G. and Fisentzides, A. 
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5. Simos G., Panagiotidis C. A., Skoumbas A., Choli D., Ouzounis C., Georgatsos J. G. 
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6. Yupsanis, T., Eleftheriou, P., Pantazaki, A. A., Georgatsos, J. G. 
"Multiplicity of metal-indepement protein phosphatases of germinated alfalfa seeds", J. Plant. Physiol., 141, 257, (1993)
7. Pantopoulos K., Georgatsos J. G. 
"Ribonucleases of diverse specificities in rabbit brain nuclei", Eur. J. Biochem., 207, 1045, (1992)
8. Pantazaki, A. A., Georgatsos, J. G. 
"A guaniloribonuclease of mouse liver cytosol", Eur. J. Biochem., 192, 115, (1990)
9. Giannakouros T., Nikolakaki H., Georgatsos J. G. 
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10. Nikolakaki, E., Giannakouros, T. and Georgatsos, J. G. 
"Inhibition of protein sysnthesis by acetyl-coenzyme A in a cell-free system. Possible involvement of protein acetylation in the regulation of regulation of translation", BioFactors, 2, 255, (1990)
11. Simos, G. and Georgatsos, J. G. 
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1. Introduction to Biochemistry
Georgatsos, J. G., Pages:534 (2001)
2. Enzymology
Georgatsos, J. G., Pages:345 (1991)
3. Enzymology (in Greek)
Georgatsos, J. G., Ypsanis, T. and Kyriakidis, D. A., Pages:256 (2001)
4. Control of metabolism at the molecular level
Georgatsos, J. G., Pages:154 (1996)
5. The third value
Georgatsos, J.G., Pages:234 (2004)
6. Methods of Biochemical Analysis
Georgatsos, J. G., Pages:123 (1975)
7. Untroduction to Biochemistry with principles of Clinical Chemistry
Georgatsos, J. G., Pages: (1975)
  School of Chemistry
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki