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 Noli Fotini, Assoc. Professor
Laboratory: Inorganic Chemistry
PHONE:+30 2310 997997
Research Areas

Applications of Nuclear analytical techniques for surface characterization as

- Nuclear Reaction Analysis-ΝRA

- Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy-RBS,

as well as

- X-rays photoelectron spectroscopy- XPS/ESCA

- Scanning Electron Microscopy - SEM/EDS

- Transmission Electron Microscopy –TEM

Modification of properties on metallic surfaces in order to improve oxidation and corrosion resistance using ion implantation, ion beam mixing, etc.

Investigation of high temperature oxidation and aqueous corrosion using thermogravimetric  and electrochemical techniques

Application of γ- and α-ray spectroscopy for the determination of natural radioactivity of environmental samples

Application of Neutron Activation Analysis-NAA and x-ray Fluorescence-XRF for the investigation of chemical constitution.

 Selected Publications
1. F. Noli, P. Misaelides, J.P. Riviere 
"Enhancement of the corrosion resistance of a Ti-Based alloy by ion-beam deposition methods ", Nucl. Instr. Meth, 267, 1670-1674, (2009)
2. Noli, F; Lagoyannis, A; Misaelides, P 
"Oxidation resistance of Y-implanted steel using accelerator based techniques ", Nucl. Instr. Meth. , 266, 2437, (2008)
3. Noli, F; Misaelides, P; Theodossiou, W, et al. 
"Characterization and corrosion stability of SiC coatings using ion beam analysis techniques ", Nucl. Instr. Meth. B, 244, 403, (2006)
4. Noli F; Misaelides, P; Hatzidimitriou, A, et al. 
"Investigation of the characteristics and corrosion resistance of Al2O3/TiN coatings ", Appl. Surf. Sc. , 252, 8043, (2006)
5. F. Noli, P. Misaelides, M. Kokkoris and E. Pavlidou 
"Investigation of cooper patinas using ion-beam analysis and scanning electron microscopy. ", Surf. Interface Anal., 37, 288, (2005)
6. P. Misaelides, F. Noli, Y. N. Tyurin, A.D. Pogrebnjak, G. Perdikakis 
"Application of ion beam analysis to the characterization of protective coatings prepared by plasma detonation techniques on steel samples ", Nucl. Instr.and Meths B, 240, 371, (2005)
7. F. Noli, P. Misaelides, E. Pavlidou and W. Theodossiu 
"Investigation of the influence of the implantation dose on the high temperature oxidation of Al-implanted AISI 321 steel. ", Oxid. Met., 56, 571, (2001)
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