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 Laboratory Food Chemistry and Technology
Director: Tsimidou Maria

The laboratory was founded in 1990 (Official Journal of the Goverment 130/27-9-1990). The first director appointed by the department was the Assosiate Professor D. Boskou (1991). Currently, the members of the stuff are 7, 2 professors, 1 assosiate professor, 2 assistant professors and 2 lecturers. The laboratory accepts every year 5-7 students for the post graduate programme.


  Stuff Members
Kioseoglou Vassilis Professor
Tsimidou Maria Professor
Georgios Blekas Assoc. Professor
Paraskevopoulou Adamantini Assoc. Professor
Hatzidimitriou Efimia Assist. Professor
Mantzouridou Fani Assist. Professor
Nenadis Nikolaos Assist. Professor
Boskou Dimitrios Emeritus Professor
Research Areas
  • Study of the chemical composition of foods (extra virgin olive oil and other fats, table olives, wine, herbs and spices), by-products and wastes of processing from the agro-food sector (olive leaves, grape seeds, wine leaves, rice hulls and orange peels) aiming to the quality and authenticity control and the development of new products and food constituents of high value. Characterization of products of Protected Designation of Origin or Geographical Indication (ελαιλαδα, ονος, επιτραπζια ελι)


  • Processing and preservation of foods with emphasis on bioprocessesing. Production of bioactive ingredients, colorants, flavorings, wine, fruit and balsamic vinegar. Shelf-life of virgin olive oil and table olives.


  • Study of the antioxidant properties of food and natural product ingredients with computational and experimental approaches.


  • Method development (physicochemical, separation- GC-MS, HPLC, HPTLC– and spectroscopic-UV-Vis, FT-IR, NMR) for food analysis and chemometrics.


  • ·Study of the physicochemical and functional properties of food hydrocolloids (emulsions, foams), and mechanical properties of solid foods (gels, meat and bakery products).


  • Encapsulation and bioavailability study of food and natural product ingredients


  • Sensory evaluation of food and beverages with instrumental methods (GC-olfactometry) and groups of assessors – Measurement of color and texture


Laboratory Equipment

HPLC-DAD-FL, HPLC-UV, HPLC-RI, GC-FID, GC-O, FT-IR, Rancimat, UV-VIs thermostated, Fluorimeter thermostated withmixing unit, Aw measuring unit, nano spray dryer, freeze-drying, electrophoresis unit, bioclimatic chamber, colorimeter, texture analyser

  School of Chemistry
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki