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 Laboratory Analytical Chemistry
Director: Zachariadis George
  Stuff Members
Anthemidis N. Aristidis Professor
Girousi Stella Professor
Papadoyannis Ioannis Professor
Samanidou Victoria Professor
Theodoridis Georgios Professor
Zachariadis George Professor
Zotou Anastasia-Stella Professor
Tzanavaras Paraskevas Assist. Professor
Themelis G. Demetrius Emeritus Professor
Vasilikiotis Georgios Emeritus Professor
Research Areas

1. Separation techniques

2. Flow Injection Analysis and relative techniques

3. Spectrometrical technique

4. Electrochemistry technique

Laboratory Equipment

Research lines of the staff members include Environmental Analysis, Bioanalysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis, Archaeometry, Metrology and Chemometrics. The lab is equipped with ICP-AES, AAS, HPLC, GC, CE, SIA etc.


 Selected Publications
1. S. Karastogianni, C. Dendrinou-Samara*, E.Ioannou, C. P. Raptopoulou, D. Hadjipavlou-Litina, S. Girousi** 
"Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding properties and antioxidant activity of a manganese(II) complex with NO6 chromophore", Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 118, 48, (2013)
2. C. Serpi, A. Voulgaropoulos, S. Girousi* 
"Electrochemical study of dsDNA on carbon nanotubes paste electrodes applying cyclic and differential pulse voltammetry", Central European Journal of Chemistry, 118, 413, (2013)
3. C. Serpi, A. Voulgaropoulos, S. Girousi* 
"Use of mercury film glassy carbon electrode modified with multi walled carbon nanotubes in electrochemical analysis of DNA", Electroanalysis, 25, 1256, (2013)
4. C. Serpi, A. Voulgaropoulos, S. Girousi* 
"Use of Cationic Surfactants Film Carbon Paste Electrodes Modified with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in Electrochemical Analysis of dsDNA", Electroanalysis, 25, 2493, (2013)
5. C. Serpi, Z. Stanic, S. Girousi* 
"Adsorptive transfer voltammetry applied to the study of chromium-induced DNA damage in the presence of curcumin", International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 93, 543, (2013)
6. E. Skeva, S. Girousi  
"A study of the antioxidative behavior of phenolic acids, in aqueous herb extracts, using a ds DNA biosensor", Cent. Eur. J. Chem., 10, 1280, (2012)
  School of Chemistry
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki