Laboratory Director: Paraskevopoulou Adamantini (Αssociate professor)


Establishment of Organic Chemical Technology and Food Chemistry Laboratory in 1969 (ΒΔ 312 / 13.5.1969, ΦΕΚ 90/69 τ. Α ‘) / Renaming to Laboratory of Organic Chemical Technology in 1981 (ΠΔ 459 / 20.4.1981, ΦΕΚ 126 / 12.5.1981 τ. Α’ ) / Establishment of Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology in 1990 (Π.Δ. 317 / 13.9.1990, ΦΕΚ 130 / 27-9-1990 τ. Α ‘)

Undergraduate Course Program

Food Chemistry I & II, Food Processing and Preservation, Food Analysis, Food Quality Management, Technology and Biotechnology of Foods and Beverages, Enology I & II, Food Chemistry for undergraduate students of Biology Department, Bachelor Thesis.

Master’s Degree Program “Chemical Technology and Industrial Applications” – Specialization in Food and Feed Chemistry, Technology & Control

Chemical and Biochemical Changes in Foods, Special topics in Food Physical Chemistry, Research Methodologies in Food Science, Manufacturing Processes of Food Products and Ingredients with emphasis to Bioprocessing, Innovative Product Development for Food & Feed Industrial Application, Special topics in Food Safety, Authenticity and Packaging, Master’s Thesis

  • Resources, activity, and technical valorization of phytochemicals (colourants, antioxidants, aromatic compounds)
  • Chemistry, processing, quality and safety control of olive tree products and other oleaginous raw materials
  • Extraction and physicochemical study of protein fractions from new resources.
  • Study of mechanical and rheological characteristics of foods. Evaluation of biopolymers’ role in the formation of food structure and texture
  • Aroma profile and sensory examination of food and wine
  • Valorization of food industry by-products for the biotechnological production of foods and food ingredients


Kioseoglou Vasileios Kioseoglou Vasileios Professor 231-099-7834
Tsimidou Maria Tsimidou Maria Professor 231-099-7796
Blekas Georgios Blekas Georgios Αssociate professor 231-099-7776
Mantzouridou Fani Mantzouridou Fani Αssociate professor 231-099-7774
Paraskevopoulou Adamantini Paraskevopoulou Adamantini Αssociate professor 231-099-7832
Hatzidimitriou Effimia Hatzidimitriou Effimia Assistant Professor 231-099-7823
Nenadis Nikolaos Nenadis Nikolaos Assistant Professor 231-099-7731
Ordoudi Stella Ordoudi Stella Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7847
Lalou Sofia Lalou Sofia Postdoctoral Researcher
Matsakidou Anthia Matsakidou Anthia Postdoctoral Researcher
Papadaki Eugenia Papadaki Eugenia Postdoctoral Researcher
Boskou Dimitrios Boskou Dimitrios Professor Emeritus
Lazaridou Elpida Lazaridou Elpida Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff 231-099-7764


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