The library search material consists of books, journals and audiovisual material that cover all areas of research and teaching of the Department. Our members have access to its printed material which consists of more than 20,300 volumes of presumptions & 453 titles of printed journals in the following collections:

  • Main Collection, contains material for further study, understanding and research and is placed mainly on the 1st floor of the Library.
  • Textbooks includes books that are taught in the undergraduate study program of the Department and are placed in the photocopiers’ area.
  • Reference Collection are books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, bibliographies, abstracts, manuals, tables, etc. which are for use only within the premises of the Library. The collection of reference books is located on the ground floor of the Library, near the study tables.
  • Dissertations, the collection includes undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral theses prepared by students at the Department of Chemistry.
  • Serials, the collection of journals are arranged on the ground floor of the Library, alphabetically according to the title of the scientific journal.
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  • Collection of Rare Books includes old books that are not commercially available and are of great value. They are placed in inaccessible for the public places, their use is allowed within the limits of the Library upon request to the staff.
  • Donation by Michael Pagitsas, this collection is housed in the closed storage 2.

All the material of the Library of the Chemistry Department is registered in the computer program of the libraries of AUTh.
In order to find the material of the collections of our Library as well as any material that is of interest to the academic community, search through the free access public catalog
Also searching for material can be done from the website Such material may be:

  • Books in printed form
  • Printed journals titles
  • Bibliographic databases and reliable sources on the Internet
  • Articles and titles of electronic journals
  • E-books


The Library System of AUTh has a large collection of electronic sources (University and HEAL-Link subscriptions, and reliable open access sources), covers all scientific fields and includes e-books, full text journals and bibliographic databases.

Access to electronic sources is possible through the website of the Library & Information Center of AUTh with the recognition of the IP address of the computer and the use of the institutional account, via wireless network and from home. Information on the page
«Access Library eResources»

Recommended Sources:

Cambridge Structural Database
Chemistry Central
Elsevier (ScienceDirect)
Journal Citation Reports® (Impact Factor)
Network Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD)
ProQuest Central
Springer e-Books
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Web of Science
Wiley Online Books Collection
Alphabetical list of electronic journals (eJournal Portal-360 Link)
National Archive of PhD Theses
Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications

More online sources for all the subject areas taught at the university at the link