Laboratory Director: Bikiaris Dimitrios (Professor)

The Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers and Colors serves all the educational and research needs in the fields of science and technology of polymers and colours.

As far as education is concerned, lessons are taught Α. at the undergraduate level: Macromolecular Chemistry, Industrial Organic Chemistry, Polymer Technology, Polymer Synthesis and Characterization Techniques, Surfactants, Chemistry and Technology of Color and B. at postgraduate level specialization courses on the science of polymers and nanocomposite materials, Fibers and Dyeing Technology.

The members of the laboratory have made an important contribution to research by publishing hundreds of research papers in international scientific journals and conferences, as well as participating in numerous research projects. They also have collaborations with several scientists from Greece and abroad.

The laboratory has a remarkable infrastructure for measuring polymeric material properties as well as dyeing. Among others, scanning calorimeters, DSC, thermogravimetric analyzer, TGA, pyrolyzer with gas chromatograph, Py-GC / MS, liquid chromatography GPC and HPLC, FTIR and UV-Vis spectrophotometers, X-ray diffractometer, XRD, polymerization reactors, microwave reactor, photopolymerization apparatus, atmospheric and high pressure dyeing apparatus , Pilot anti-osmosis ultrafiltration apparatus, accelerated photoaging device, color measuring instrument by reflectance and transmittance, resistance measuring devices to washing, rubbing, perspiration, etc.

Polymer Chemistry

  • Synthesis and characterization (thermal, physicochemical, mechanical and other properties) of various polymers (polyesters, acrylics, etc.) and copolymers.
  • Polymerization kinetics and polymer reaction engineering (development of theoretical models of polymerization reactions).
  • Development of new polymers using bio-based monomers.


Polymer Technology

  • Nanoencapsulation and microencapsulation of drugs in polymeric matrices using biocompatible polymers for targeted drug delivery. Application of new biocompatible polymers to tissue engineering (skin and bone regeneration) and to pharmaceutical technology.
  • Chemical and thermochemical recycling of polymers.
  • Use of polymers for the removal of contaminants (heavy metals, drugs, pigments, etc.) from municipal and industrial waste, etc.

Composite and Nanocomposite Materials

  • Synthesis and study of properties of composite and nanocomposite materials based on various polymeric matrices. Surface modification of nanoparticles, additive and polymer matrix interface study.
  • Synthesis and characterization of dental materials based on a polymer matrix (resins).

Chemistry and Technology of Colors

  • Dyes of natural and synthetic polymer fibers
  • Conventional and digital printing of natural and synthetic textiles
  • Study of natural dyes and applications in the dyeing of fibers
  • Manufacture of cosmetic emulsions with active ingredients and natural dyes


Achilias Dimitrios Achilias Dimitrios Professor 231-099-7822
Bikiaris Dimitrios Bikiaris Dimitrios Professor 231-099-7812
Nikolaidis Nikolaos Nikolaidis Nikolaos Assistant Professor 231-099-7594
Smaro Lykidou Smaro Lykidou Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7769
Karanikas Evangelos Karanikas Evangelos Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7594
Nanaki Stavroula Nanaki Stavroula Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7818
Terzopoulou Zoi Terzopoulou Zoi Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7818
Tsagkalias Ioannis Tsagkalias Ioannis Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7828
Vouvoudi Evangelia Vouvoudi Evangelia Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7828
Zamboulis Alexandra Zamboulis Alexandra Postdoctoral Researcher
Zarkogianni Maria Zarkogianni Maria Postdoctoral Researcher
Kehayoglou Aristides Kehayoglou Aristides Professor Emeritus
Lazaridou Elpida Lazaridou Elpida Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff 231-099-7764

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