The Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology was founded in 2016 and replaced the Laboratory of General and Inorganic Chemical Technology which was established in 1960. Τhe Lab`s main subdisciplines are Chemical Technology, Environmental Technology and  Development of New Materials – Adsorption and Catalytic Processes.

The laboratory has many years of valuable and recognized experience in the analysis and treatment of water, liquid and solid waste, as well as the preparation, characterization and application of innovative materials in environmental processes, catalytic processes of production (bio) fuels and (bio) chemicals, and in aerospace applications of high demands.

The Laboratory provides education both in the undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Department of Chemistry, while its members have developed collaborations with other universities and research institutes.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Chemical Technology
  • Physical Processes
  • Chemical Processes
  • Green Chemistry
  • Principles of Environmental Technology
  • Transfer Phenomena
  • Processes in Biotechnology
  • Design in the Chemical Industry
  • Inorganic Materials Technology – Nanotechnology

Postgraduate Studies: Chemical Technology and Industrial Applications specializing in Chemical and Environmental Technology

  • Principles of Chemical Technology
  • Environmental Technology and Environmental Management
  • Catalytic Processes
  • Separation Technologies for the Control of Environmental Pollution
  • Design and Simulation of Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Composition, characterization and applications of inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials

General Chemical Technology

  • Transfer Phenomena (momentum, heat and mass), Physical Processes, Chemical Processes, Catalytic Processes, Bio-processes, Process Optimization (and computational simulation), Chemicals and Products Production Technology, Ecology and Technology, Ecology.
  • Manufacturing, Design – Characterization and Technology – Applications of Materials (Inorganic or Bio-materials), Corrosion and Protection of Materials, Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials, Energy Technology and Energy Saving, Development of medical diagnostic instruments in the human circulatory system, Coatings, Study and development of innovative surfaces to maximize the efficiency of cooking and condensing devices, Stability control and rheology of emulsions and foams (food, cosmetics, detergents), Theoretical and arithmetic study and simulations.


Environmental Technology

  • Treatment of surface, groundwater, as well as liquid waste, by applying advanced physicochemical and/or biological methods, in order to protect the environment, remove pollutants and reuse recycled waste.
  • Treatment of toxic industrial solid wastes for the purpose of recycling, inactivation and stabilization.
  • Feasibility studies and design of surface and groundwater treatment plants, as well as liquid and solid waste.
  • Dimensioning of processing units, initial cost estimation, optimization based on economic, environmental and technological criteria.

Development of new materials – Adsorption and catalytic processes

  • Synthesis and characterization of inorganic and hybrid nano-structured and nano-porous materials.
  • Preservation of historical monuments and (nano) materials.
  • Adsorption processes in environmental applications.
  • Heterogeneous catalytic processes and reaction mechanisms.
  • Thermochemical and catalytic processes of biomass utilization.
  • Catalytic processes for the production of (bio) fuels and (bio) chemicals.

The Laboratory can offer the following services:

  • Physical, chemical, microbiological, ecotoxicological analysis of environmental samples, water, liquid and solid waste.
  • Environmental characterization and classification of solid waste with standard leaching tests (EN, TCLP, CEN / TS, NEN).
  • Application of advanced biological and physicochemical technologies of water and waste treatment.
  • Waste management in the context of green chemistry and circular economy.
  • Design, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials as catalysts and sorbents.
  • Biomass conversion processes to fuels and chemicals.
  • Measurements of properties of inorganic materials (porosity, structure, morphology, acidity, etc.).
  • Consulting and economic-technical services for biorefinery processes.
  • Measurement of surface/interfacial and rheological properties of emulsions and foams (food, cosmetics, detergents).
  • Determination of thermal and electrical properties of materials (thermal agility, thermal permeability, specific heat, electrical conductivity, electrical impedance).
  • Studies to maximize water recycling in industry and minimize the use of fresh water (Water pinch analysis).
Deliyanni Eleni Deliyanni Eleni Professor 231-099-7808
Karapantsios Theodoros Karapantsios Theodoros Professor 231-099-7772
Kostoglou Margaritis Kostoglou Margaritis Professor 231-099-7767
Lazaridis Nikolaos Lazaridis Nikolaos Professor 231-099-7807
Spathis Panagiotis Spathis Panagiotis Professor 231-099-7835
Triantafyllidis Konstantinos Triantafyllidis Konstantinos Professor 231-099-7730
Zoumpoulis Anastasios Zoumpoulis Anastasios Professor 231-099-7794
Katsoyiannis Ioannis Katsoyiannis Ioannis Αssociate professor 231-099-7977
Fotopoulos Apostolos Fotopoulos Apostolos Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-5290
Peleka Efrosyni Peleka Efrosyni Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7836
Prochaska Charikleia Prochaska Charikleia Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7875
Evgenidis Sotiris Evgenidis Sotiris Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7798
Giliopoulos Dimitrios Giliopoulos Dimitrios Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7730
Gkotsis Petros Gkotsis Petros Postdoctoral Researcher
Kokkinos, Evgenios Kokkinos, Evgenios Postdoctoral Researcher
Margellou Antigoni Margellou Antigoni Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-5290
Oikonomidou Ourania Oikonomidou Ourania Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7798
Matis Konstantinos Matis Konstantinos Professor Emeritus
Stalidis Georgios Stalidis Georgios Professor Emeritus

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