Graduate theses

At the end of the exam period and with the completion and presentation of their dissertation, undergraduate students are required to submit a printed copy to the Library of the Department typed and perimetrically thermal binding to meet the following technical characteristics:

  • A4 page size
  • 2.5 cm margins around the perimeter
  • Arial font, font size 12 with a space between lines of text 1.5
  • Full text alignment
  • Single page numbering with Arabic numerals. In addition to numbering, the cover and the title page

“Regulations for the Preparation of a Thesis” and the following structure as approved at the Department Meeting No. 707 / 04-11 -2019, with mandatory (M) and optional (O) fields:

  • Cover (M)
  • Title page (M) for the cover and the title page follow the template of the first pages “TEMPLATE GRADUATE THESIS COVER”
  • Dedication or maxim page (O)
  • Greek abstract (M)
  • English abstract (M)
  • Acknowledgements page (O)
  • Table of Contents (M)
  • List of abbreviations with pages (O)
  • Catalog of graphs with pages (O)
  • Catalog of images with pages (O)
  • Introduction / Theoretical Part (M)
  • Literature Review / Preview of Previous Work (O)
  • Experimental / Research Part (M)
  • Results – Discussion of results (M)
  • Conclusions – Suggestions for Further Research (M)
  • Bibliography / Bibliographic references (M)
  • Appendix (O)
  • Catalog of images, graphs, etc. It will include the original images, etc. with their licenses and reference to the creator (it is (M) only for IRSP).

The “TEMPLATE GRADUATE THESIS” for the writing of the thesis aims to give the directions that the students should follow, and contains basic rules for the structure, writing and presentation of the dissertation to be done.

For supervising professors who wish to publish their students’ dissertations electronically on the IRSP website (Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications), the submission of the dissertation to the Department’s Library must be done by the student in both printed and electronic form as follows:

  • A digital disk (dvd) in a case with the student’s data printed on it, name, Institutional ID and the title of the thesis, which will include:
    • a single file of the graduate thesis from front to back cover in pdf format and
    • a file with the”Graduate Thesis Data” in docx format
  • The deposit will be accompanied by the “Graduate Thesis Delivery Document” signed by the student, in which he / she will state that he / she grants to the Library the right to publish the degree at IRSP.

Postgraduate theses

Upon completion of their dissertation, postgraduate students must submit a printed copy of their dissertation to their Department’s Library, following the specifications set out in the Master’s Degree Program. For this deposit, they receive from the Library a Certificate which is necessary for obtaining the postgraduate degree.

For the Postgraduate Studies Programs of the Department, the instructions for the printed form of the postgraduate diploma thesis are available in the regulations of the PSP. The prints must be tied around with perimetrically thermal binding and printed in A4 size on both sides. The cover should be printed on hard white cardboard. The first three sheets printed on a single page should follow the standardization, see the file “COVER AND FIRST PAGES OF POSTGRADUATE THESIS TEMPLATE”. The text of the paper must be in Arial font with a font size of 11 and a space between lines of text 1.5. The page size should be A4 with margins around 2.5 cm.

The diploma dissertation must bring original signatures of the three-member examination committee and before it is printed, it will be checked by the Library.

It is also mandatory to submit the postgraduate thesis in electronic form at the Central Library. Detailed instructions on the website “Master Theses & Ph.D. Dissertations: Submission Guidelines”

Doctoral dissertations

PhD candidates must submit a printed copy of their dissertation to the Department’s Library. At the same time, the Library of the Department will provide them with a Certificate stating that they have no pending issues with the University Libraries. (e.g. return of books and payment of fines). See an excerpt of the regulation with instructions for the printed form of the doctoral dissertation.

In addition, the submission of a doctoral dissertation in printed and electronic form to the Library & Information Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is mandatory and a prerequisite for the swearing-in process. Detailed information on the website of the Central Library: “Submission of master theses and doctoral dissertations: Doctoral dissertations”