Department Director: Samara-Konstantinou Constantini (Professor)

The Department of Physical, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry includes the following 4 laboratories with the corresponding activities and scientific fields:

1) Laboratory of Physical Chemistry

Its scientific fields are Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, and its activities include, besides teaching and training for students, research in electrochemistry (electrocatalysis, electrodeposition and corrosion-passivity of metals, electrochemical oscillators, fuel cells), photoelectrochemistry and heterogeneous photocatalysis, interfaces and adsorption phenomena, reversed-flow gas chromatography, heterogeneous catalysis and modeling of chromatographic processes.

2) Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry

Its scientific field is Analytical Chemistry, and its activities include development, optimization, validation, and application of new analytical methods as well as exploration of new analytical techniques and innovative materials used in analysis.

3) Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control

Its scientific field is Chemistry and Control of the Environmental Pollution and its activities include teaching and research in environmental chemistry, control, and protection of the atmospheric, aquatic, and terrestrial environments.

4) Laboratory of Chemical Education and Information Technologies in Education

Its scientific fields are Chemical Education and the Information and Communication Technologies in Chemistry and its activities include teaching and research in ways and methods that could improve teaching of Chemistry (within the context of the Teaching of Sciences) and study the interaction between Chemistry and other Sciences.

Anthemidis Aristidis Anthemidis Aristidis Professor 231-099-7826
Avranas Antonios Avranas Antonios Professor 231-099-7686
Giannakoudakis Andreas Giannakoudakis Andreas Professor 231-099-7683
Giannakoudakis Panagiotis Giannakoudakis Panagiotis Professor 231-099-7724
Papadopoulos Nikolaos Papadopoulos Nikolaos Professor 231-099-7735
Samanidοu Victoria Samanidοu Victoria Professor 231-099-7698
Samara-Konstantinou Constantini Samara-Konstantinou Constantini Professor 231-099-7805
Sazou Dimitra Sazou Dimitra Professor 231-099-7813
Sotiropoulos Sotiris Sotiropoulos Sotiris Professor 231-099-7742
Stella Girousi Stella Girousi Professor 231-099-7722
Theodoridis Georgios Theodoridis Georgios Professor 231-099-7718
Voutsa Dimitra Voutsa Dimitra Professor 231-099-7858
Zachariadis George Zachariadis George Professor 231-099-7707
Zotou Anastasia – Stella Zotou Anastasia – Stella Professor 231-099-7746
Katsoyiannis Ioannis Katsoyiannis Ioannis Αssociate professor 231-099-7977
Lambropoulou Dimitroula Lambropoulou Dimitroula Αssociate professor 231-099-7687
Tsiplakides Dimitrios Tsiplakides Dimitrios Αssociate professor 231-099-7766
Gavril Dimitrios Gavril Dimitrios Assistant Professor 231-099-7824
Stergiopoulos Thomas Stergiopoulos Thomas Assistant Professor 231-099-7752
Tsogas Georgios Tsogas Georgios Assistant Professor 231-099-7723
Tzanavaras Paraskevas Tzanavaras Paraskevas Assistant Professor 231-099-7721
Antoniou Kyriakos Antoniou Kyriakos Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7856
Evgenidou Eleni Evgenidou Eleni Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7446
Kouras Athanasios Kouras Athanasios Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7932
Manoli Evangelia Manoli Evangelia Laboratory Teaching Staff Member 231-099-7925
Berberidou Chrysanthi Berberidou Chrysanthi Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7744
Karastogianni Sophia Karastogianni Sophia Postdoctoral Researcher
Pousinis Petros Pousinis Petros Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-0594
Tsoumachidou Sophia Tsoumachidou Sophia Postdoctoral Researcher 231-099-7744
Demetrius G. Themelis Demetrius G. Themelis Professor Emeritus 231-027-2972
Kouimtzis Themistokles Kouimtzis Themistokles Professor Emeritus
Nikitas Panaghiotis Nikitas Panaghiotis Professor Emeritus 231-099-7773
Papadoyannis Ioannis Papadoyannis Ioannis Professor Emeritus
Poulios Ioannis Poulios Ioannis Professor Emeritus 231-099-7785
Vasilikotis Georgios Vasilikotis Georgios Professor Emeritus
Voulgaropoulos Anastasios Voulgaropoulos Anastasios Professor Emeritus
Karapetsa Christina Karapetsa Christina Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff 231-099-7747
Lazaridou Elpida Lazaridou Elpida Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff 231-099-7764
Zougrou Foteini Zougrou Foteini Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff 231-099-7866