Tzanavaras Paraskevas

Tzanavaras Paraskevas

Assistant Professor

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Sciences
School of Chemistry
54124, Thessaloniki

Dr Paraskevas Tzanavaras is an Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Dr Tzanavaras has published more than 100 research and review articles in international refereed journals and has (co-)edited 11 special issues for international journals. He has also co-authored 7 book chapters and participated in numerous international and domestic conferences.

His teaching activities include graduate and post graduate courses related to Analytical Chemistry.


  • Basic Principles of Analytical Chemistry
  • Quantitative Chemical Analysis
  • Instrumental Methods of Analysis – II
  • Analytical Chemistry (Department of Pharmaceutics AUTh)
  • Analytical Chemistry (Department of Geology AUTh)


Automated Methods of Analysis

Development and application of new analytical methods based on the concept of zone fluidics.
Current research is focused on the determination of bioactive amines and thiols in various samples

Liquid Chromatography coupled to post column derivatization

HPLC coupled to on-line post column derivatization is a powerful analytical tool in terms of selectivity and minimization of sample preparation.

Current research on this topic includes (i) the analysis of endogenous amines and thiols in complex matrices such as biological material and food samples, (ii) study of highly specific post column derivatization reactions and (iii) application of novel HPLC stationary phases.