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The main purpose of the Library is to support learning and teaching, research and innovation, with high quality services and professional experienced aid to enable the effective discovery and use of information. It also supports the development and transmission of knowledge and at the same time the service of non-university researchers with a relevant subject.


The Library of the Chemistry Department has been operating since 1991 and has been enriched with the collections of the department’s fields:

  1. General and Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
  3. Physical, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry and
  4. Chemical Technology and Industrial Chemistry

It was organized according to international standards such as:

  • Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 2 & MARC21
  • Library of Congress Classification System
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings

It uses «KOHA» Integrated Library System as library management and automation system.

It is located on the ground floor of the New Building of Chemistry Department as shown on the map

It extends to about 388 m2 of which 84 m2 is a reading hall.


Weekly opening hours
Monday – Thursday 08:30-14:30
Friday 08:30-14:30
The opening hours for the summer months as well as the program of the holidays are posted on the website


Telephone Number 2310 997717 & 2310 997837
Fax 2310997837
E-mail chemlib@chem.auth.gr

Library Staff
Maria Brouma
Vasiliki Bika


The library search material consists of books, journals and audiovisual material that cover all areas of research and teaching of the Department. Our members have access to its printed material which consists of more than 20,300 volumes of presumptions & 453 titles of printed journals in the following collections:

  • Main Collection, contains material for further study, understanding and research and is placed mainly on the 1st floor of the Library.
  • Textbooks includes books that are taught in the undergraduate study program of the Department and are placed in the photocopiers’ area.
  • Reference Collection are books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, bibliographies, abstracts, manuals, tables, etc. which are for use only within the premises of the Library. The collection of reference books is located on the ground floor of the Library, near the study tables.
  • Dissertations, the collection includes undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral theses prepared by students at the Department of Chemistry.
  • Serials, the collection of journals are arranged on the ground floor of the Library, alphabetically according to the title of the scientific journal.
    Explore the top chemistry journals online
  • Collection of Rare Books includes old books that are not commercially available and are of great value. They are placed in inaccessible for the public places, their use is allowed within the limits of the Library upon request to the staff.
  • Donation by Michael Pagitsas, this collection is housed in the closed storage 2.

All the material of the Library of the Chemistry Department is registered in the computer program of the libraries of AUTh.
In order to find the material of the collections of our Library as well as any material that is of interest to the academic community, search through the free access public catalog http://search.lib.auth.gr/.
Also searching for material can be done from the website
https://www.lib.auth.gr/. Such material may be:

  • Books in printed form
  • Printed journals titles
  • Bibliographic databases and reliable sources on the Internet
  • Articles and titles of electronic journals
  • E-books


The Library System of AUTh has a large collection of electronic sources (University and HEAL-Link subscriptions, and reliable open access sources), covers all scientific fields and includes e-books, full text journals and bibliographic databases.

Access to electronic sources is possible through the website of the Library & Information Center of AUTh with the recognition of the IP address of the computer and the use of the institutional account, via wireless network and from home. Information on the page
«Access Library eResources»

Recommended Sources:

Cambridge Structural Database
Chemistry Central
Elsevier (ScienceDirect)
Journal Citation Reports® (Impact Factor)
Network Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD)
ProQuest Central
Springer e-Books
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Web of Science
Wiley Online Books Collection
Alphabetical list of electronic journals (eJournal Portal-360 Link)
National Archive of PhD Theses
Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications

More online sources for all the subject areas taught at the university at the link


The academic ID (passo) is activated as a library card in the Library of the Department where the user belongs. The Library issues an external user card only to those who do not have the right to an academic ID, with a subscription fee, the amount of which depends on the duration and status of the user. (See Library Cards, Loans, Reservations)


Validity: the library card is valid as long as the holder is a member of the academic community with the obligation to renew it. The renewal is done by showing the academic ID or a certificate from the secretariat. The duration of the renewal depends on the category of users (see library regulation). For undergraduate students it is valid for 1 year.

Charge: (for the library card): none, but is free only for members of the academic community.

With the library card you can:

  • Borrow books from all AUTh libraries
  • Check online the books you have borrowed (using a desired PIN that you have declared in the Library)


The circulation of the Library’s material is determined by the single Regulation for the Operation of the libraries of AUTh. The full regulation can be found at https://www.lib.auth.gr/node/167/

Borrowing rights are shaped by the nature of the borrower and the type of material he wishes to borrow. The following is an excerpt from the terms of use.

4.2. Terms of borrowing and renewals

Depending on their status, users can borrow and renew the documents as follows:

Member Status Maximum number of borrowed items Maximum loan duration Maximum number of renewals
Faculty members Twenty (20) Sixty (60) *
calendar days
Two (2) times
Teachers with a working relationship with AUTh (e.g. P. D./407)

Laboratory Teaching Staff

AUTh postdoctorals

PhD candidates

Postgraduate students

Fifteen (15) Thirty (30) calendar days Two (2) times
Undergraduate students

Erasmus students

Employees with any employment relationship with AUTh

Six (6) items (4 from a standard loan collection & 2 from a limited collection lending) Fifteen (15)
calendar days
Two (2) times
External members ** Three (3) Fifteen (15)
calendar days
One (1) time





* It is noted that in order to facilitate faculty members in their teaching duties, an extended loan period is set for them. However, it is clarified that under the responsibility of the librarian, if the presumption is requested by any other category of members, the faculty member must return it to the library so that the applicant can borrow it as a presumption of the collection of full or limited borrowing depending on decision of the competent librarian.

** Erasmus students can also issue a card for a limited period of time based on the length of their stay, as evidenced by the corresponding official document of the Faculty or Department that they study with the respective rights of the external members.

Fines: the borrower has the obligation to return the borrowed material within the time limits set by the automated program used. For any book that is not returned on time, the borrower is required to pay a fine of 0.30 euros per day of delay. When a user is fined, he cannot borrow from any University Libraries until its repayment (see in detail in the Library Operating Regulation, Article 4.3. Fines). The Chemistry Department Library spends the proceeds from the fines on equipment and enrichment of its collection.

Book reservations: Library members have the option of making a reservation of a book that is on loan. More information about the booking service in Article 4.2. (paragraphs 4.2.3 and 4.2.4) of the AUTh Library Operation Regulation.


Books are protected by an electronic control system. Before they can be removed from the Library, they must be inspected by the circulation desk.

No book comes out of the Library if it is not borrowed.

Borrowing is done only during the opening hours of the Library.

When readers enter the Library, they must lock their bags and personal items in the cabinets located at the entrance.

The use of food, beverages and smoking is not allowed in the Library premises.

Readers are kindly requested to avoid abusive use of books. Do not fold the pages and do not mark up. On the tables there are bookmarks and white cards for notes.

After using the material, the reader closes and leaves the books in order, either on the edge of the table or in a space indicated by the library staff. The reader must not place the books he used on the shelves, nor leave them on the table like an amorphous mass.


  • 73 study seats.
  • 7 PCs connected to the internet for the public, the only condition for their use is the existence of an institutional account.
  • WiFi hotspot (wireless network with eduroam infrastructure).
  • 2 photocopiers, work with prepaid cards which guests can obtain from the reception desk. The reproduction of material is subject to international and Greek copyright laws.
  • 1 network printer (prints on charge).
  • Borrowing, renewal, recall and reserve Service.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service (with charge), supply of articles from libraries of Greek institutions that were not identified in the printed and electronic collection of AUTh.
  • «Eudoxus Services»
    • Book Distribution Point
    • Book Return Point
  • Training in bibliography search and the use of specialized electronic resources.
  • Online program (tool) training (Mendeley) for the organization and management of personal research library. It allows the creation of automatically formatted bibliographic references.
  • Information Service, answers to any questions related to bibliographic research and information questions, either in person or via email & phone.


PhD Candidates and students (undergraduate or postgraduate) who have completed their doctoral dissertation or studies respectively, lose the right to use the membership card of the AUTh Library System. Prior to their swearing in, they are required to provide the Secretariat of the Department with a written statement stating that they have no obligation to the University Libraries (borrowed material, fines). By issuing the certificate, the Library cancels the membership card and deletes the user from the library automated system.


Graduate theses

At the end of the exam period and with the completion and presentation of their dissertation, undergraduate students are required to submit a printed copy to the Library of the Department typed and perimetrically thermal binding to meet the following technical characteristics:

  • A4 page size
  • 2.5 cm margins around the perimeter
  • Arial font, font size 12 with a space between lines of text 1.5
  • Full text alignment
  • Single page numbering with Arabic numerals. In addition to numbering, the cover and the title page

“Regulations for the Preparation of a Thesis” and the following structure as approved at the Department Meeting No. 707 / 04-11 -2019, with mandatory (M) and optional (O) fields:

  • Cover (M)
  • Title page (M) for the cover and the title page follow the template of the first pages “TEMPLATE GRADUATE THESIS COVER”
  • Dedication or maxim page (O)
  • Greek abstract (M)
  • English abstract (M)
  • Acknowledgements page (O)
  • Table of Contents (M)
  • List of abbreviations with pages (O)
  • Catalog of graphs with pages (O)
  • Catalog of images with pages (O)
  • Introduction / Theoretical Part (M)
  • Literature Review / Preview of Previous Work (O)
  • Experimental / Research Part (M)
  • Results – Discussion of results (M)
  • Conclusions – Suggestions for Further Research (M)
  • Bibliography / Bibliographic references (M)
  • Appendix (O)
  • Catalog of images, graphs, etc. It will include the original images, etc. with their licenses and reference to the creator (it is (M) only for IRSP).

The “TEMPLATE GRADUATE THESIS” for the writing of the thesis aims to give the directions that the students should follow, and contains basic rules for the structure, writing and presentation of the dissertation to be done.

For supervising professors who wish to publish their students’ dissertations electronically on the IRSP website (Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications), the submission of the dissertation to the Department’s Library must be done by the student in both printed and electronic form as follows:

  • A digital disk (dvd) in a case with the student’s data printed on it, name, Institutional ID and the title of the thesis, which will include:
    • a single file of the graduate thesis from front to back cover in pdf format and
    • a file with the”Graduate Thesis Data” in docx format
  • The deposit will be accompanied by the “Graduate Thesis Delivery Document” signed by the student, in which he / she will state that he / she grants to the Library the right to publish the degree at IRSP.
Postgraduate theses

Upon completion of their dissertation, postgraduate students must submit a printed copy of their dissertation to their Department’s Library, following the specifications set out in the Master’s Degree Program. For this deposit, they receive from the Library a Certificate which is necessary for obtaining the postgraduate degree.

For the Postgraduate Studies Programs of the Department, the instructions for the printed form of the postgraduate diploma thesis are available in the regulations of the PSP. The prints must be tied around with perimetrically thermal binding and printed in A4 size on both sides. The cover should be printed on hard white cardboard. The first three sheets printed on a single page should follow the standardization, see the file “COVER AND FIRST PAGES OF POSTGRADUATE THESIS TEMPLATE”. The text of the paper must be in Arial font with a font size of 11 and a space between lines of text 1.5. The page size should be A4 with margins around 2.5 cm.

The diploma dissertation must bring original signatures of the three-member examination committee and before it is printed, it will be checked by the Library.

It is also mandatory to submit the postgraduate thesis in electronic form at the Central Library. Detailed instructions on the website “Master Theses & Ph.D. Dissertations: Submission Guidelines”

Doctoral dissertations

PhD candidates must submit a printed copy of their dissertation to the Department’s Library. At the same time, the Library of the Department will provide them with a Certificate stating that they have no pending issues with the University Libraries. (e.g. return of books and payment of fines). See an excerpt of the regulation with instructions for the printed form of the doctoral dissertation.

In addition, the submission of a doctoral dissertation in printed and electronic form to the Library & Information Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is mandatory and a prerequisite for the swearing-in process. Detailed information on the website of the Central Library: “Submission of master theses and doctoral dissertations: Doctoral dissertations”

Safety and sanitary measures in the Library premises

COVID19 Measures


Why we have to wear a mask


Proper use of mask


How long can SARS-CoV-2 virus live on surfaces?


How to spot fake news about COVID-19?