Oikonomidou Ourania

Oikonomidou Ourania

Postdoctoral Researcher

Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Sciences
School of Chemistry
54124, Thessaloniki


  • Physical Processes Lab courses
  • Chemical Technology Lab courses


Dynamic Multiphase Systems

  • Hydrodynamics and dynamics of bubbles in two-phase flows (bubble column, liquid degassing) Bubble size, velocity and void fraction measurements.
  • Bubble-bubble and bubble-particle interactions in multiphase mineral flotation systems.
  • Experiments in hyper-gravity conditions.

Rheology and surface tension measurements

  • Fluids rheological characterization. Viscoelastic measurements.
  • Rheology of surfactant/ protein layers on air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces. Interfacial shear and dilatational viscoelastic measurements.
  • Surface and interfacial tension measurements with maximum bubble pressure, pendant drop and Wilhelmy plate techniques.