Nannou Christina

Nannou Christina

Postdoctoral Researcher

Environmental Pollution Control Laboratory
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Sciences
School of Chemistry
54124, Thessaloniki

Dr. Christina Nannou is a Post-doc at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, granted from the State Scholarships Foundation for her current research pertained to HRMS challenges combined with new materials for the target and non-target analysis of emerging contaminants. She holds PhD in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, MSc in “Analytical Techniques & Applications” (2013), and a BSc in Chemistry (2010). Her scientific interests focus on the assessment of the environmental impact of emerging contaminants of anthropogenic origin. She is an expert (>8 years-experience) on HRMS, emphasizing on Orbitrap mass analyzer. She has participated in 6 projects and has >15 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 2 chapters in international scientific books, as well as >35 publications in scientific conferences. She is currently Editor in a Special Issue in Sustainability (MDPI) and reviewer in 3 peer-review journals. She has joined for a four-month-stay research the European Union Reference Laboratory -Fruit and Vegetables in Almeria and the Catalan Institute for Water Research in Girona. She is member of NORMAN network, while she was member of the Organizing Committee in 3 International Conferences.


  • Expert on High-Resolution MS, emphasis on Orbitrap (>8 years-experience),
  • Excellent use of ICP-MS, GC-MS, IC-MS/MS, HPLC-UV-Vis and MS software (TraceFinder, Xcalibur, Analyst, Mass Hunter etc.) and non-target analysis (Compound Discoverer, R-packages, XCMS, etc.)
  • Implementation of omics tools for the non-target analysis of emerging contaminants
  • Assessment of environmental impact of emerging contaminants in various matrices
  • Chemometrics and statistics
  • Quality management systems (ISO 17025:2005, 9001, 22000:2005)