The Department of Physical, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry includes the following 4 laboratories with the corresponding activities and scientific fields:

1) Laboratory of Physical Chemistry.

Its scientific fields is Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry and its activities include, besides teaching and training for students, research in electrochemistry (electrocatalysis, electrodeposition and corrosion-passivity of metals, electrochemical oscillators, fuel cells), photoelectrochemistry and heterogeneous photocatalysis, interfaces and adsorption phenomena, reversed-flow gas chromatography, heterogeneous catalysis and modeling of chromatographic processes.

2) Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry.

Its scientific field is Analytical Chemistry and its activities include teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students and novel research on the development, optimization, validation and application of new analytical methods as well as exploration of new analytical techniques and innovative materials used in analysis.

3) Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control.

Its scientific field is Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control. The research and education activities referred to environmental chemistry, monitoring and protection of atmospheric, aquatic and terrestrial environment.

4) Laboratory of Chemical Education and Information Technologies in Education.

Its scientific field is Chemical Education and Information and Communication Technologies in Chemistry. The laboratory develops research and educational activities on the study and improvement of ways and methods of teaching chemistry in the framework of Physics Science and also the study of the interaction of Chemistry with the disciplines of other sciences.