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  • Μετα-μεταφραστικς τροποποισεις πρωτενν.
  • Φωσφορυλωση πρωτενν - SR κινσες πρωτενν - Σηματοδοτικο μηχανισμο μεταφορς μηνματος.
  • Yποδοχας της λαμνης Β (LBR) και οργνωση του πυρηνικο φακλου - Αλληλεπδραση LBR - ετεροχρωματνης - Επδραση σηματοδοτικν μονοπατιν στην πρσδεση της ετεροχρωματνης στον πυρηνικ φκελο.
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1. Purification, characterization and cloning of the protein kinase that was found to be associated in vivo with the lamin B receptor
- ,
2. Modulation of the biological activity of lamin B receptor by a novel serine/ threonine protein kinase - Cloning and characterization of this kinase
3. Chromatin condensation during spermatogenesis
4. Characterization of SRPK and LAMMER protein kinases
- ,
5. Biological function and protein interactions of SRPK1
6. Control of differentiation and apoptosis of human erythroleukaemic cells by SRPK1 - Subcellular distribution of the kinase
, ,
7. The role of SR protein kinases in the regulation of p53-dependent and independent programmed cell death
- ,
8. Regulation of alternative splicing in neurons through the interaction of SR protein kinase 1 with the Elav-like proteins
- ,
9. Self-assembly of the nuclear envelope - Mechanism, regulation and development of inhibitors
() (ENE),
10. Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) as a molecular marker in cancer
() (ENE),
11. Development of stem cell technology in Greece
() (EAN), ,
12. Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: A multidisciplinary in vitro, in vivo and in silico analysis of IDP structure, function and properties
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