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 Sotiropoulos Sotiris, Professor
Laboratory: Physical Chemistry
PHONE:+30 2310997742
Research Areas



  • Preparation of electrocatalytic materials by template electrodeposition, electroless deposition and  galvanic replacement methods.
  • Characterization of electrocatalytic materials by microscopic and spectroscopic techniques.
  • Study of fuel cell reactions (oxygen reduction, methanol oxidation, borohydride oxidation) and of hydrogen evolution at novel electrocatalysts.


  • Preparation of photocatalytic materials (TiO2, WO3) by electrosynthesis/electrodeposition methods.
  • Characterisation of photocatalytic materials by microscopic and spectroscopic techniques.
  • Electrically enhanced photocatalysis (photoelectrocatalysis) at TiO2 and WO3 plain or composite electrodes for the photo-oxidation of organic contaminants.



  • Fabrication of microelectrodes and design of electrochemical detectors and sensors.
  • Microelectrodes in electrochemical HPLC detection.
  • Stripping voltammetry at Bi-coated micro- and  macro-electrodes.
  • Solid polymer amperometric gas sensors.


  • Adsorption at charged interfaces (polarized Hg electrode).
  • Mechanistic studies using microelectrodes.
  • Corrosion at microelectrodes.
  • Scanning probe microscopies (AFM, STM, SECM).


 Selected Publications
1. Karanasios, N., Georgieva, J., Valova, E., Armyanov, S., Litsardakis, G., Sotiropoulos, S.* 
"Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of organics under visible light illumination: A short review", Current Organic Chemistry, 19(6), pp. 512, (2015)
2. Geboes, B., Mintsouli, I., Wouters, B., Georgieva, J., Kakaroglou, A., Sotiropoulos, S., Valova, E., Armyanov, S., Hubin, A., Breugelmans T. 
"Surface and electrochemical characterisation of a Pt-Cu/C nano-structured electrocatalyst, prepared by galvanic displacement ", Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 150-1, pp. 249-256 , (2014)
3. Mintsouli, I., Georgieva, J., Armyanov, S., Valova, E., Avdeev, G., Hubin, A., Steenhaut, O., Dille, J., Tsiplakides, D., Balomenou, S., Sotiropoulos, S.* 
"Pt-Cu electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation prepared by partial galvanic replacement of Cu/carbon powder precursors", Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 136-1, 160-167, (2013)
4. Georgieva, J., Valova, E., Armyanov, S., Philippidis, N., Poulios, I., Sotiropoulos, S.* 
"Bi-component semiconductor oxide photoanodes for the photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of organic solutes and vapours: A short review with emphasis to TiO2-WO3 photoanodes", Journal of Hazardous Materials, 211-2, 30-46; , (2012)
5. Li, Z., Gao, B., Chen, G.Z., Mokaya, R., Sotiropoulos, S., Li Puma, G. 
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6. A.Tegou, S.Papadimitriou, G.Kokkinidis, S.Sotiropoulos * 
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7. Papadimitriou, S., Armyanov, S. , Valova, E., Hubin, A., Steenhaut, O., Pavlidou, E., Kokkinidis, G., Sotiropoulos, S.* 
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8. J. Georgieva, S. Armyanov, I. Poulios, S. Sotiropoulos* 
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9. S. Papadimitriou, A. Tegou, E. Pavlidou, S. Armyanov, E. Valova, G. Kokkinidis, S. Sotiropoulos* 
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10. L. Baldrianova, I. Svancara, S. Sotiropoulos* 
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11. J. Georgieva, S. Armyanov, E. Valova, Ts.Tsacheva and I. Poulios, S. Sotiropoulos* 
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12. P.J.Blood, I.J.Brown and S.Sotiropoulos* 
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16. K.Wallgren and S.Sotiropoulos* 
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21. K.Wallgren and S.Sotiropoulos* 
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 Research Projects
1. Preparation and Characterisation of Porous Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Coatings
NATO SfP 977986 (Greece-Bulgaria-UK collaborative programme)
2. Photo-electro-catalytic TiO2 and WO3 coatings for the destruction of pollutants in aqueous media
Greece-Bulgaria bilateral program, GSRT Greece (EU funded)
3. Identification of physical/chemical phenomena responsible for biocide concentration fluctuations
European Space Agency (PI: Th.Karapantsios)
4. Nanomaterials for Photochemical and Photoelectrochemical Purification Processes
Greece-Bulgaria-UK joint NATO SfP program
5. Novel Bismuth-based Electrode Materials for Detectors and Sensors of Heavy and Toxic Metals
Greece-Czech Republic program-Greek GSRT (EU funded)
6. Photo-electro-catalytic TiO2 and WO3 coatings for the destruction of pollutants in aqueous media
Greece-Bulgaria joint program-Greek GSRT (EU funded)
7. Integrated treatment of high molasses wastewater for recovery of high added value products and reduction of pollutant loading (MOL TREAT)
GSRT Greece, (PI: .Lazaridis)
8. Novel bimetallic catalysts for fuel cell electrocatalytic reactions
ɻ-GSRT Greece
9. Novel Bismuth-based Electrode Materials for Detectors and Sensors of Heavy and Toxic Metals
Greece-Czech Republic bilateral program, GSRT Greece (EU funded)
10. Scanning Electrochemical Microscope, SECM, testing of the electrocatalytic activity of novel multimetallic catalysts
Promoting Basic Research Program, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
11. Microelectrode Studies of Corrosion and Metal Complexation Processes
12. Metallisation of Microporous Materials
13. Novel Amperometric Gas Sensors
City Technology Ltd., UK
 Co-operation with other institutions
1. Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Physical Chemistry (Professor S.Armyanov, Assoc.Prof. J.Georgieva)
2. Loughborough University, Chemical Engineering (Professor G. Li Puma)
3. National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC), Cork (Dr J.F.Rohan)
4. Raman Research Institute (Professor V.Lakshminarayanaran)
5. University of Pardubice (Professor I.Svancara)
Czech Republic
6. Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Professor A.Hubin-SURF Research Group) and University of Andwerp (Professor T.Breugelmans, Advanced Reactor Technology Group)
1. Physical Chemistry Lectures
A.Avranas, I.Ziogas, A.Papoutsis, S.Sotiropoulos, Pages:200 (2002)
  School of Chemistry
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki