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 Laboratory Inorganic Chemistry
Director: Dendrinou-Samara Catherine
  Stuff Members
Akrivos Pericles Professor
Aslanidis Paraskevas Professor
Dendrinou-Samara Catherine Professor
Hatzidimitriou Andonios Assoc. Professor
Noli Fotini Assoc. Professor
Angaridis Panagiotis Assist. Professor
Psomas George Assist. Professor
Theodore Lazarides Assist. Professor
Karagiannidis Petros Emeritus Professor
Manousakis George Emeritus Professor
Tossidis Ioannis Emeritus Professor
Laboratory Equipment

-Single crystal X-ray diffractometer

-Elemental (C, H, N) analyser

-Differential thermal analyser

-FT-IR spectrophotometers 

-UV-Vis spectrophotometers

-Flurescence spectrophotometers

-Atomic adsorption spectrophotometers

-Cyclic voltametry equipment

-Magnetic balance

-Electronic Viscometer

-Thin film instrument

-Gamma-ray spectrometers with NaI(TI) and HPGe detectors

-Alpha-spectrometry set-up

-X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis systems with planar-Ge, SiLi- and Si-pin detectors

-Radiation monitors with Gm-counters

-Solvent distillation lines

-High pressure solvothermal reactor




-Conductivity meters

-Magnetic stirrers


 Selected Publications
1. A. Tarushi, G.D. Geromichalos, D.P. Kessissoglou, G. Psomas 
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4. G.D. Geromichalos, A. Tarushi, K. Lafazanis, A.A. Pantazaki, D.P. Kessissoglou, G. Psomas 
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