The School of Chemistry is directed by the General Assembly, the Board of the Directors and the President (Head).

For the period 2013-2014 Head of the School of Chemistry is Associate Prof. Achille Papoutsis.

Vice President is  Professor Koutouli-Argyropoulou Evdoxia.

Secretary of the School is Mrs. Stavrakaki Lidia.

Heads of the School of Chemistry had been :

The General Assembly (G.A.) consists of 30 members of the teaching staff, the directors of the labs and the President of the School, 18 students and representatives of the postgraduate students, who must be the 15% of the total number of the teaching staff.
The Board of the Directors (B.D.) consists of the President, the Vice President, the Directors of the four departments.

Two representatives of undergraduate students and one representative of the post graduate students and the holders of scholarships. There is also a representative of the technical staff, when matters of their authority are discussed.

The President convokes the G.A. and the B.D., sets up their daily program and presides their works. He suggests to the G.A. several matters of its authority, he holds the files of the staff activities and checks if the decisions of the G.A. and the B.D. are carried out.

Each department is directed by the Director and the General Assembly of the Department (G.A.D.).
The G.A.D. consists of all the teaching staff of the Department, five representatives of the undergraduate students and one representative of the postgraduate students and the holders of scholarships of the department. The G.A.D. elects the Director of the Department, makes suggestions for the course program, takes care of the economics of the department and decides for the teaching duties of the department's staff.
The Director of the department convokes the G.A.D. , sets up the daily program, presides at the assemblies and checks if the decisions are well carried out.