Chemistry has been taught at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since the founding of the then-called School of Physicomathematics in 1927. Professor Tryphon Karandasis was the first one to teach General Chemistry to the University. During the decade of 1940s the three main laboratories were founded, i.e. that of Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. The first professors appointed to supervise them were Constantinos Kavassiadis, Georgios Varvoglis and Leandros Kapatos respectively. These laboratories were incorportated into the newly founded Department of Chemistry in 1943. The Department was part of the School of Physicomathematics. The first pioneers named above were assisted by younger colleagues and especially Constantinos Vasiliades, Emmanouil Voyatzakis and Georgios Tsatsaronis, who became the first professors in the laboratories of Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemical Technology and Organic Chemical Technology that were founded later. All the aforementioned persons provided the background for the organization of the teaching and research in the Department and their assistants were later to become their successors, leading the Department to play a major role among the analogous Departments in the country. Nowadays, the School of Chemistry is still part of the Faculty of the Exact Sciences (as the current name of the Physicomathematics School is) and consists of ten laboratories. In addition to the above mentioned, laboratories dealing with Biochemistry, Food Chemistry, Applied Quantum Chemistry and Environmental Pollution Control have been founded giving the School the widest possible area for educational and research activities.