EChemTest® is an electronic self-assessment and assessment tool developed by the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association, and aimed at evaluating knowledge and competences in chemical subjects.

It has a wide-ranging impact, both formal and informal, in Europe and outside its borders.
By taking EChemTest®

  • The professional is assisted in his work, and is motivated in starting a formal course.
  • The student is self-assessing or assessing his knowledge of chemistry in a European frame, and is evaluating his understanding of scientific notions in a foreign language.
  • The ERASMUS student is acquiring a useful certification on his ability to communicate in chemistry-related topics in the language of the host institution. 

EChemTest® question banks cover the European core chemistry, and are available at four different levels, equivalent to:

  • the end of compulsory education;
  • the beginning of university studies;
  • the end of the core chemistry syllabus in organic, inorganic, analytical, biological and physical chemistry, as well as in chemical engineering;
  • second cycle studies in computational chemistry, and chemistry applied in cultural heritage preservation.

First cycle question banks are consistent with the requirements for the Eurobachelor® quality label awarded by the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association.

Question banks are available in English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Slovene, and Spanish; and soon in Latvian and Slovak.

Apart the self-assessment, EChemTest® examinations are offered under controlled conditions in fully equipped authorised Testing Centres, presenting successful candidates with a European Chemistry Certificate

The Greek Testing Centre is established at the School of Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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